Free Gate Online Test Series

To secure a spot for you in a chief establish like IIT Delhi through Gate is a testing task. Graduate inclination test in designing (Gate) is an all India examination led together by the Indian ...

The Geology of the Taygetos Mountains

The Taygetos Mountains are situated in Greece, the most active seismic region in Europe. The frequent earthquakes have shaped the very nature of Greek history, destroying civilizations and cities. The Geology of the areas is fascinating, and Greece is one of the most popular destinations for Geologi

Free Lesson Plans for Life Skills and Problem Solving

Life skills and problem solving are two areas in which students, especially those with special needs, require plenty of instruction. Free lesson ideas that incorporate both life skills and problem solving are good to have on file, because they are useful for all sorts of situations. Students who are

Roller Coaster Motion Projects for Kids

Newton"s three laws of motion govern every moving object in the universe. From roller coasters, which seem to defy gravity, to a marble rolling down a simple wooden track, roller coasters are designed within the framework of these laws of science. By studying roller coasters and building a simple to








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