Energy Efficiency And Your Air Conditioning System

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It may surprise you to know, but 14% of the energy used in the United States is taken up by businesses that have air conditioning systems installed; not only that 10% is also used up by people that have air conditioning installed in their homes. These are pretty high statistics so it's worth knowing how you can ensure that you are as efficient as possible when it comes to using electric with your air conditioning system. One way in which you can make sure that you don't use a lot of electricity is to make sure that you don't become dependent on your system. If you use air conditioning a lot of the time, you may find that you will get yourself into a situation where you cannot do without it. The more you use air machine, the less resistance you will have when it comes to high temperatures. What you can do in order to make sure that this doesn't happen is to use fans for some of the time instead of air conditioning; this will help reduce the amount of energy that you use. It will also ensure that you don't become dependent on using your air conditioning system.
Another way that you can save electric is to ensure that your house or office building is properly insulated. For example, if the windows are not properly sealed this means that air is escaping through them. This will mean your air conditioning will not be as effective as it should be and, in turn will have to work harder so that you can reach the desired temperature in your home or office. It's not just windows that can cause this sort of problem; doors also have gaps in them so air can escape.
Try using draft excludes to ensure that the doors are air tight. I'm not saying that you should create and airless atmosphere, this will just make you feel unwell, but if you take a few small steps to make sure that doors and windows are properly sealed, this will help your air conditioning system work more efficiently. Roofs can also be a problem, if they are not properly insulated; air can also escape this way as well. If you have air appliance upstairs in your home and your roof is not insulated, the units will have to work much harder and since most of us use air conditioning mainly in bedrooms so that we can sleep at night, it is important that you make sure your roof is as air tight as possible. If you live in a particularly hot climate and have a garden, consider planting trees and large shrubs that will protect your home from the sun. Find out which side of the house gets the most sunshine and ensure that you make it as shady as possible. The less direct sunlight you have on your house, the cooler it will be. This is also true of offices that are on the ground floor.
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