Capitalizing on Email Signatures

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The Email Signature When implemented diligently, email signature can be an extremely effective tool in a successful list building exercise.
Since it is something that should be automatically included in every electronic communication (email), it is easy and simple! Do you send a lot of emails to customers and potential customers? If so, you should set up an email signature that features your squeeze page if you have not done so already.
This is a method that is often overlooked for generating interest in your newsletter.
In the signature, highlight the fact that you are giving away a free eBook and talk briefly about the kind of information you feature in the newsletter.
You may want to change your email signature every now and then so that the people you send emails to all the time will not have to look at the same message all the time.
If you keep the content fresh, you will generate more interest in your newsletter.
Make your signature file a call to action.
Ask your reader if they have already subscribed to your newsletter yet? Just Do It..
Have you ever noticed that one of the problems a lot of people face when they set out to embark on a new project is failing to take action, or waiting too long? If you stop and think about it, all it takes is just a simple 1 or 2 action plan per day consistently.
If you do just that, you will be surprised by the result you have accumulated.
The sooner you take action and implement these methods, the quicker your list will grow.
The rewards..
"Priceless", as Nike's famous motto shouts, "Just Do It!" Stay tuned for upcoming articles on the Web 2.
0 tactics to help you build your list including advanced methods and information about some software programs.
Good luck and have fun! Cheers,
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