How to Install K2 Motor Projector Headlights

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    • 1). Turn off your vehicle and prop open the hood.

    • 2). Unplug the wiring harness attached to the rear of the headlight assembly.

    • 3). Remove the visible bolts mounting the headlight to the headlight assembly.

    • 4). Remove the fasteners securing the central grille to the vehicle's front end. Remove the grille.

    • 5). Remove the fasteners below the front bumper, as well as the ones in the wheel well. Remove the vehicle's front bumper.

    • 6). Remove any bolts made visible when you removed the grille and bumper that continue to secure the headlight assembly to its mounting bracket. Pull the headlight assembly off the mounting bracket.

    • 7). Connect the wiring harness from the vehicle to the wiring harness on the rear of the K2Motor headlight assembly.

    • 8). Seat the K2Motor headlight assembly on the bracket that held the previous headlight assembly. Secure it with the bolts removed earlier. Repeat this process for the other headlights.

    • 9). Remount the grille and bumper by following the steps used to remove them in reverse.

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