Plants Are an Important Part of Office Furniture

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Designing an office really requires creativity and expertise, especially if you want your work place to portray a certain impression for employees and clients.
Whilst decorative design and stylish office furniture are important in achieving your desired look, small details are often ignored when furnishing an office.
Plants and trees can give an office that finishing touch and personal homely feel with a real space of health minded ambiance.
Whilst real plants can look beautiful, they require a lot of maintenance and care to ensure they are always looking perfect.
Today, with our busy lifestyles and need for perfection more and more people are considering the use of artificial plants and trees as an alternative to real ones.
There are several reasons why artificial plants are growing in popularity;
  • They always look fresh and lifelike - due to their exact resemblance most people will not realise they are fake
  • No maintenance is required - which will save you money in the long term
  • They are suitable for any environment - artificial plants don't require specific light or temperature and will always remain the perfect size for your chosen spot
  • There is a large variety of different types of plants to choose from, and as they don't require climative conditions you can even have a palm tree in your office if you like!
  • Colour and arrangement is easy and quick - meaning you can transform your office look instantly with artificial plants and trees.
BT Office, the UK supplier of value for money office furniture, stocks a range of artificial plants including; Palm trees, Bamboo, Fig tree and contemporary Pyramidal boxwood and Spiral topiary trees.
All plants are available in customized sizes and are supplied in a terracotta pot.
For more information on artificial plants or to view the BT Office collections visit the site.
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