Planters Warts Myth 1

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Planters warts has several myths associated with them and how to remove them.
This article discusses the myth where people believe over-the-counter treatments will cure plantars warts.
Most warts on your body are on the surface and can easily be treated with topical treatments but planters warts are located on the soles of your feet.
Every time you put weight on the foot with the wart you are pushing the wart deeper into your skin.
Having a wart pushed from the surface into the skin means the topical over-the-counter treatment designed for surface use cannot reach the entire wart.
In addition to that, many of these topical treatments contain 17% salicylic acid when the salicylic acid percentage needs to be at 40% (stats are from Wikipedia) if you even hope to treat your planters warts with it.
Another over-the-counter option is the ability to try to freeze the wart off.
This method also just affects the surface.
You simply cannot get the treatment deep enough to kill ALL of the plantars warts cells.
Fail to kill even one cell containing the virus and the wart may return stronger than ever and even grow bigger.
If you have multiple warts and try these treatments, your warts may merge into a single large wart or they may just multiply.
If you've ever tried one of these over-the-counter treatments you might have found out that they can get expensive.
You might have also found out that the "cure" was as bad as, if not worse, than the plantars warts you were trying to remove.
Many of these over-the-counter treatments leave you with an area that is painful, a wart that itches, has dead or dying skin so the coloration is off, the area you are treating may bleed, secondary infections may develop or a scar is left in place of the planters wart.
I don't know about you but I don't think we should have to pay big money for treatment options that aren't very effective and the "cure" lets you live with pain, embarrassment, discomfort or scars from treatments that are supposed to eliminate a planters warts problem that is already painful.
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