Sex - The Cure to a Better Life

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Many people have sexual intercourse for pleasure, but really don't understand the true benefits from having a great sex life.
Below are some great benefits of having sex: oHelps Men live longer.
Two or more orgasms a week help men live longer and healthier.
oWards off heart attacks.
Frequent sexual intercourse (twice or more per week) lowers your chance of a fatal heart attack.
oImproves your sleep.
Orgasm causes a surge in oxytocin and endorphins that help people sleep.
oReduces stress.
oLowers heart disease.
DHEA, released with orgasm, can reduce the risk of heart disease.
And testosterone reduces harm to the coronary muscles if a heart attack does occur.
oMakes you look younger.
In a study of 3,500 European and American women and men, one of the strongest correlates of youthful appearance was an active sex life (three or more times a week).
oIncreases fertility and regulates menstruation.
Regular intimate sexual activity with a partner promotes fertility by regulating menstrual patterns.
oDecreases pain from menstrual cramps, arthritis, and headaches.
It increases levels of endorphins and corticosteroids, raising pain thresholds.
As you can see, all these benefits will increase the longevity of your life and cure headaches, menstrual cramps, arthritis, stress relief, etc...
After reading what you just read, did you know that there are so many benefits to having sex? I had no idea until I started researching all these benefits.
The next time your partner tells you they are too tired to have sex or that they don't feel like it, you need to pull these benefits out from the back of your pocket or memorize them to tell your partner WHY you need to have sex! Having sex is one of the best things you could ever do in life and there are so many benefits that go unknown.
Health benefit of sex is amazing and should not go unnoticed.
You and your partner need to sit down and understand the benefit of sex.
This will increase your sex life and your love life.
This even applies to the benefit of having oral sex.
Oral sex also relieves stress and helps men live longer.
Two or more orgasms a week help men live longer and healthier.
Depriving your wife or husband of sex is terrible, especially with all these benefits.
Looking young and feeling great is what everyone wants to do, not having sex will make you feel old and feel terrible.
You will have so much unwanted stress building up and cause you to be an unlikable person.
Having sex will allow you to feel like your own cloud 9 way up in the sky, you will go to work happy and full of joy and life.
The littlest things in life have the largest effects.
Having sex daily will lead you to a better life in no time.
I wish you the best of luck in your sex life and please remember that not only are you making love when having sex, you are getting all the benefits at the same time!
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