Ways to Learn Spanish - What is the Best Way to Learn Spanish?

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There are several ways to learn, but what is the best way to learn Spanish? Outside of immersing yourself in the language (i.
live abroad and be forced to learn the language), one of the greatest ways to accomplish this feat is to use an interactive piece of software that you can download right on to your computer.
There are a few things that I really like about using this method to learn Spanish - You use more of your senses than if you just used a book alone.
You see, it's totally interactive.
While using a book, we basically only use our vision (most people don't read aloud to themselves).
If you use software on your computer we also use our vision, but we also use our ears as well.
A lot of the better programs have tons of audio and video, so we see and hear (opposed to just using our vision like if we use a book).
Studies have shown that the more senses we use whilst learning something new, the more likely we are to retain the information we're learning.
- Another reason these programs are so great is because they utilize games to help you learn the Spanish language.
If something is fun, we are more likely to pay CLOSE attention.
If something is boring, then we easily lose interest and don't learn as effectively as we could.
I enjoy learning Spanish and I actually majored it when I went to the university.
I'm not immersed in the language as much as I'd like, so I don't get the opportunity to practice as much as I'd like.
I've found that these interactive computer downloads have helped me a ton to practice my Spanish.
The nice thing is, these programs are suitable for all levels and many beginners have seen great levels of success in just a couple of weeks (obviously when trying to learn Spanish, your results will be a direct reflection of your efforts).
Have fun!
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