The Most Profitable Strategy to Monetize Your Traffic

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There are couple of things you have to do in order to have a profitable website.
 You need niche site, you need a list of their problems and you need the solutions in order to monetize your traffic.
 Which means you have to really connect with them...
So here is how to do it: Research If you are going to spend time on building as website, you want to know it is going to earn you money.
 The site by itself is not the money, it will be the people who come to the site that will make you money.
And you can only monetize the traffic if you know exactly what your visitors want.
So spend some time with your group of people in the forum.
 Chat with them.
 Se what is it that pushes their buttons, what their issues are! Problems While you are talking to them, keep track of their issues.
 See exactly what their problems are.
 There are many problems a group of people can have, and actually you will notice that for most of them, there are some common issues.
  Solution As you go through the issues, keep track of the products that could solve those problems.
 It does not matter how much the product is, you just need to keep track of the solutions For example, my computer has a virus in it, I am not sure how to remove it, now what would be the good solution for me, the virus removal software probably.
Now once you are done with it, I suggest you work on trying to solve one common issue for those people.
 Something that can be find online for a price, but you actually give it away for free.
Now, lets say, in the example above, I really do have the virus on my computer, maybe you can give me a PDF guide that shows me a step by step how I can remove it without buying any virus removal software.
Now, if you gave me that guide for free, in exchange for the e-mail address, I really would have trusted you a lot more and that is the bottom line, the trust you you build with subscribers.
 If you can build your list successfully, it will be the best way to monetize your traffic as well.
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