Put a Positive Spin to Your Life

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The "I must" line of thinking FORCES all our body impulses to comply.
And by nature people don't like to be forced to do anything.
We can all understand that principle of nature in our own life's experience.
You must eat your spinach! You must go to school! You must say your prayers! You must be polite! "I want" is a more gentle and positive approach to change our habits and compulsions.
This approach gets head, heart and body to agree on the course of action to alter one's course.
This spiritual pact gives us the power to effect change in our behavioral patterns.
The mantra "I Mustn't Be Late" never works.
It is harsh and negative.
And when we are forced to do something, we rebel and invariably end up doing the very thing we say we mustn't do! "I Must be Early" is no better because it is still imposes on our actions and free will.
This line of reasoning goes something like this: I mustn't be late because I will get a scolding, or I will have to pay a fine, or they will put a black mark on my record book or they will not let me into the room.
A better line of approach would be "I WANT TO BE PUNCTUAL".
It is gentler and more in line with the spiritual laws we all have built within us.
The line of reasoning goes like this: I want to be on time because I am respectful of other people and their time.
If everyone were early, we can start on time and end on time, we can go on to do other things, be more productive, and we can go home to be with our families.
This, in the long run is a more powerful and spiritually persuasive line of reasoning.
When more and more people in the group recognize, appreciate and put into practice the value of punctuality, it gets inculturated within that group.
Outsiders who share the same value will be drawn to the group; those who are habitually late will feel out of place in the group.
Therefore, whether we realise it or not, our actions and attitudes can trigger a positive spiral or a negative spiral.
The more self aware we are, the better able we are to shape the signals we are putting out to the world.
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