Natural Toenail Fungus Treatment - This is How to Really Treat Toenail Fungus Naturally!

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Fungus can affect one or more nails of the hands or feet.
The fungal infection of the nails usually begins with a spot of white or yellow color that appears under the tip of the toenail or fingernail.
As the infection progresses deeper into the nail, it causes discoloration and makes the nails thicker, with edges that break easily.
The look of the nail is not good and there might be pain.
Infections of the nails are mainly caused by dermatophytes.
These microscopic organisms live in warm and moist environments, such as pools and showers and don't need sunlight in order to survive.
They invade the skin through small cuts that are not visible to the naked eye.
The infection usually occurs when the nails are exposed repeatedly to hot and humid environment, which encourages the development and the spread of the fungus.
For this reason, the toenails are affected by fungus more easily, because the shoes create a moist and warm environment.
Another reason why the toenails are more susceptible to fungal infections is that there is a reduced blood circulation in the feet compared to the hands.
Risk factors that increase the chances of fungal infections are:
  1. Age: this condition is more common in adults.
    As we age, the frequency of these infections is increasing.
    The reason is that the nails grow more slowly and become thicker, which makes them more susceptible to infections
  2. Gender: fungal infections of the nails are more common in men than in women.
  3. Family history: Family members with a history of nail fungal infections are more likely to also suffer themselves.
  4. Smoking: Smokers are more at risk than non-smokers.
  5. Profuse sweating.
  6. Shoes and socks that prevent ventilation and do not absorb sweat.
  7. Pools, gyms, showers, public places with wet floors: walking barefoot in these places facilitates the infection.
  8. Diseases: People suffering from diabetes and vascular problems that reduce blood circulation, are more vulnerable to this condition.
  9. Wounds: Wounds of the skin facilitating the development of fungus.
How to treat the toenail fungus infection:
  • Wear sandals or flip flops to allow your feet to air out during the day: Going barefoot at home gives your feet a chance to breathe and dry out.
    What is more, you should wear socks that absorb moisture.
  • Soak your hands and feet in vinegar: Vinegar can be useful in acute nail fungus infections; however it won't cure a more serious infection.
If you suffer from a long term nail infection, you are going to need something more powerful:
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