World of Warcraft - Tips on Making Tons of Gold

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The World of Warcraft auction house can really be the best means of making gold, just as long as you know how to use it right.
You need to know when to buy certain items and when to resell them.
No matter what professions you choose, you can still learn how to make a ton of gold.
Sometimes you can make a lot just by buying cheap items and reselling them for more.
Of course, how much you can resell for depends on the server you're on, and whether or not you're playing at a busy time.
One thing you can do is get a good auction house add on at a WoW mod/add-on site.
Take a look at all the median prices on various items.
Buy some of the cheapest and then resell them all at the median price.
Other sellers like to think that they're doing good by undercutting, but all they're doing is enabling others to buy and profit from their items.
You should check back every single day to keep an eye on the average prices.
Sometimes people try to mess the system up by setting their prices way too high.
If someone tries to sell a stack of linen cloth for 10 gold, that's obviously going to mess the median price up.
Thus, you need to carefully check back to look for trends or changes every day.
Keep in mind that general items and weapons are always in demand in World of Warcraft.
Unless you need them for your professions, you should sell all the gear, weapons, cloth, and herbs you come across.
This is because general items are needed by every player.
You can get away with selling at an average or an above average price on items, weapons, and gear that are in high demand.
Make sure you learn how to profit from your profession.
In earlier levels, you should stick with gathering professions.
That way, you can earn tons of gold quickly.
Wait until you're at a high level before switching to a more advanced profession .
You really won't need epic armor and weapons until you're at a higher level anyway.
You also need to get yourself a good World of Warcraft guide that provides gold-making assistance.
Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide and Nyhm's Warcraft Guide both offer great tips and secrets on making gold.
You will receive a package that includes everything you'll ever need to know about the auction house and how to profit from it, your professions, and questing!
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