Fun Socks for Kids

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    Character Socks

    • There's no better way to get your kid to fall in love with his socks than to find a pair with your child's favorite character on them. Sock Guy is just one of the many sites online that will customize socks for you. Find a drawing of your kid's favorite character, send it to an online or local clothing printer and you will have some stylish socks in no time. While any color sock will work, look for colors that complement the character you plan to print on the sock. That means don't get purple socks for Kermit the Frog unless your child really wants the green and purple combination.

      If you don't want to design your own socks, consider already made characters socks. Pre-designed character socks often come as toe socks. Each toe may represent a different character or animal. The Toe Sock Supplier has many elaborate toe socks, including socks with a frog on each toe and bee socks with various bee related items on each toe. Within reason, the Toe Sock Supplier even does custom orders on toe socks so you can ensure that your kid's favorite characters are represented in toe sock form.

    Holiday Themed Socks

    • During various holidays, sock stores will often carry holiday themed socks. Online retailer Joy of Socks offers socks for most major holidays year round. Some more elaborate holiday socks will feature emblems or characters that when pushed play a song. For instance, a more elaborate Christmas sock may have a Santa Claus sewn into it that plays Jingle Bells when pressed. Other holidays with wide sock selections include Thanksgiving and the always popular holiday of Halloween.

    Neat Patterns and Materials

    • While many kids may get more excited by character or themed socks, other kids just want a neat eye-catching pattern. Argyle socks and other more traditional socks with fun designs may speak to your kid. On the other hand, you can go for some really wild patterns, such as optical illusions or geometric shapes. Online retailer Sock Dreams has many socks with funky patterns. From multi-colored striped socks to socks with printed foot and leg bones, Sock Dreams has several options suitable for different types of kids. Sock Dreams also carries some extremely comfortable wool socks that your kid will never want to take off. Other fun sock patterns from various online retailers may include animals, toys and space creatures.

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