The Miraculous Procedure Offered By Only The Top Lees Summit Dentists

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Dental implants are some of the newest technology available. Implants can serve as a substitute for bridges (fixed or removable partial dentures). Dental implants are miraculousThey look and feel just like your own natural teeth. If you have one or several teeth missing, dental implants will restore your ability to speak easily and eat any food with confidence. Your facial contours will also look normal, and not sunken in, as they do for people who have a number of missing teeth. Not all Lees Summit dentists are trained in this procedure. The best Dentist Lees Summit MO will be able to offer implants as part of their wide range of services to their patients.

What is involved with this procedure? A dental implant is actually a little titanium post that is inserted into the jawbone where your tooth is missing. Heres the miracle: The titanium and the bone bond together. The implant sits beneath the gums, bonding with the bone in a process known as osseo-integration, resulting in a solid foundation for artificial teeth.
Following a healing process of three to six months after dental implant insertion, the implant is uncovered, and then a crown is constructed. The implant acts as the root of the new tooth, and the crown is the exposed part of it. The actual placement of the implant us usually the work of an experienced oral surgeon or periodontist--Your dentists job is to ensure that a proper impression of the implant is taken for the oral surgeon or periodontist to complete the work.

How long does the entire procedure take to complete? Most patients have their new teeth in some six to eight months. But it isnt as if they are uncomfortable during this entire process. Usually, patients have no disruption in their daily life.

Not everyone who has missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants, and only your experienced local dentist Lees Summit MO can determine this by reviewing your health history and current status during a dental/radiology visit. When considering dental implants, only visit those Lees Summit dentists, who can report a high rate of success with this procedure. Dr. SonalBhoots patients have a 95% success rate with this procedure. To find out more information about dental implants and whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, visit
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