Heartburn Home Remedies With Potato and Aloe Vera Juice

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Unless you resort to heartburn home remedies, the chances of tackling the problem with over the counter drugs may not work in the long run.
Sour taste in the mouth, shortness of breath, nausea, gas and bloating are common symptoms experienced by people with heartburn.
Hydrochloric acid is the main cause of digestion and an over production irritates the sensitive throat and esophagus tissues.
Antacids are commonly prescribed, but they are short term cures and the acid reflux begins again after the drug action wears off.
To begin with heartburn home remedies, you should refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol or beverages with high caffeine content and eat meals that are non-acidic in smaller quantities.
Ready remedies are available at health stores near you.
If you are feeling uncomfortable from heartburn, chew some papaya tablets that are available at all health stores.
Aloe Vera juice or tablets are great for the intestinal tract.
It helps clean as well as cleanse the tract keeping it free from any heartburn symptoms.
Aloe Vera juice is also an anti-oxidant and great for your overall health including obesity problems.
Unless your intestinal tract is clean, you could be prone to heartburn anytime if your diet is not right.
The acid reflux could happen anytime without even a warning.
Chamomile tea is a great antidote to irritation in the esophagus caused by heartburn.
You can get them at health stores or online and drinking at regular intervals can be great cures as well for the irritating problem.
Licorice is another remedy frequently used by doctors also to treat ulcers in the stomach and esophagus and heartburn as well.
Drinking large quantities of water and crushing a sliced potato between your teeth and drinking the juice by spitting the pulp is among the most effective and handy heartburn home remedies.
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