How Do I Clean the IAC Module on a 1990 Ford F150?

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    • 1). Remove the two 10 mm bolts, using a socket and ratchet, that hold the black plastic cover on the top of the throttle body and lift the cover off the throttle body. Loosen the clamp that attaches the flexible rubber air duct to the throttle body using a screwdriver and slip the duct off the throttle body. The IAC is located on the side of the throttle body.

    • 2). Lift the locking tab on the IAC's electrical connector and slide the connector out of the IAC. Remove the two 10 mm bolts, using a socket and ratchet, that attach the IAC to the throttle body and pull the IAC off the throttle body.

    • 3). Spray the inside of the IAC, and the inside of the passages in the throttle body, with parts cleaner spray. Scrub the IAC and the passages with the tooth brush to loosen carbon buildup. Avoid spraying excessive amounts of the cleaner into the throttle body. Ford has applied a plastic coating to the throttle body to help prevent carbon buildup and it is easily removed by harsh chemicals.

    • 4). Reinstall the IAC onto the side of the throttle body and tighten the two 10 mm bolts securely. Plug the electrical connector back into the IAC. From inside the passenger compartment, hold the throttle to the floor and start the car. Rev the engine until the parts cleaner spray is cleared from the engine and the truck idles on its own.

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