Solving the Father"s Day Gift Problem

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Aren't dads just great?They embarrass us by telling our friends how we used to run around the garden in a pair of red wellies and nothing else, or taking over the dance floor at family parties with their cringeworthy 'dad dance'? Priceless! But then again, dads are good as a free taxi service, good at fixing things and always ready to offer sound advice - even if you don't always want to hear it.
So perhaps on balance, one day a year isn't too bad to say thanks for putting up with us kids (whatever our age).
Yet, children all over the country are plagued with the same old problem - what on Earth do you buy your dad for Father's Day.
Well, to help you out, I've put on my thinking cap on and came up with some excellent gift ideas to suit all budgets.
So forget the socks and ties this Father's Day and instead, treat your dad to something really special.
High budget: £50 + If money is no object then it's easy to come up with something nice for your dad.
But instead of just buying him the latest designer outfit, why not put some thought and personality into your gift as well? If you go for something like diamond studded cufflinks or watch, personalise them with an engraved message.
For something memorable, how about an experience gift; you could send your dad hot air ballooning; give him a flying lesson or a VIP ticket to his favourite sporting or musical event.
You could even send him off on a mini-break weekend to somewhere he's always wanted to go.
Medium budget: £5 - £50 A bottle of champagne or his favourite wine is usually a welcome gift.
Alternatively, a book by his favourite author or one on his favourite subject, whether it's football or pigeon racing that interests him, will let your dad know that you've put some thought into his gift.
And don't forget, if your budget is at the lower end of this scale and you're dad lives away, you could always surprise him with a Father's Day helium balloon delivery.
Zero budget: If cash is tight, why not spend some time on your dad instead?Make him a card, take him breakfast in bed along with the morning paper and make sure that Father's Day is completely relaxing for him.
You could even give him a promissory voucher that you will clean the car or cut the lawn or do the dishes for him for two weeks.
Or if you have an artistic side, draw him a picture, write a poem or create a story just for him.
You might be surprised; the thought that goes into this type of gift will probably have far more value for your dad.
Any budget: How about creating your own 'Dad's gift basket'?Buy him a sports bag or a holdall and fill it with all your dad's favourite things; toiletries, chocolates, CDs, whatever you feel like including.
This way you can spend as much or as little as you like.
Whatever you get for your dad this Father's Day, don't forget to tell him how much he means to you - after all that doesn't cost a penny!
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