Cellulite - 5 Simple Home Remedies You Should Look At

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Is the skin on you lower limb getting dimpled? If it is then you need to sit up and take notice.
The skin dimpling is actually cellulite and it might hamper your overall appearance.
It is also known as adiposis edematosa, gynoid lipodystrophy and status protusus cutis.
It is basically a change in the topography of your skin and is represented by skin dimpling and nodularity.
The subcutaneous fat in the connective tissue gets herniated and gives rise to the orange peel like or padded appearance.
It is also known as the cottage cheese skin syndrome.
It is important to know about cellulite treatment so that you can get rid of unsightly dimpled skin.
Before you treat the padded skin it is extremely important to know what caused it.
There are quite a few causes.
One major reason is hormonal factor.
Estrogen plays a vital role in aggravating the adiposis edematosa.
Individual susceptibility to the cottage cheese skin syndrome is related to genetic factors.
Certain predisposed factors like race, gender and biotype are also responsible for it.
Diet and lifestyle are major causes too.
Once you know the causes treatment becomes a lot easier.
5 Simple Home Remedies Though you can opt for medical help if you want to get rid of your cellulite, you can try the home remedies as well.
The home remedies have been in use for a very long time and are extremely effective.
The home remedies mostly concentrate on diet and lifestyle alterations.
Once you bring about a change in your lifestyle and diet you will be able to get rid of that padded skin.
1) The first home remedy is the most obvious.
You need to stay away from fatty and oily foodstuff.
Also reduce you intake of coffee and tea.
2) You can massage the area affected with a mixture of rosemary oil, almond oil and saunf oil.
Make sure all the three oils are in equal proportion.
This remedy is extremely effective and you will see positive results in a couple of weeks.
3) You can try the herbal cellulite treatment at home.
You will need to make the tea using one part poke root, one part cleavers and two parts Echinacea.
You need to pour boiling water on these herbs and let the herbs infuse.
After 5 minutes stain the liquid.
Drink this liquid thrice daily.
4) You can also prepare a mixture using coffee powder and herbal body lotion.
Apply it on the affected areas and leave it on for some time.
After it dries wash it off with cold water.
This is an effective remedy and it works wonders.
5) An easy treatment at home is using a natural body scrubber to rub the skin softly and gently.
This increases the blood flow and melts away the fat stored under your skin.
Daily exercises also help a lot.
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