Why Suffering is Good - Quiet Your Inner Brat and Make Success Inevitable

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We are in a world filled with temptation, distraction, gluttonous desires and destructive habits.
It is very easy to indulge in any of these things on a regular and consistent basis.
The most important thing you must know is that these are toxic to your success.
Your inner brat is the voice inside your head always trying to steer you towards one of these things.
That immediate pleasure or avoidance from pain.
Whatever the reason it is important to know that giving in under any condition must be avoided and suffering is a great thing.
You are probably thinking, suffering is terrible and useless.
Suffering to some extent is critical to winning in the long-term.
Your success in your life comes down to your your ability to follow through on your real goals, and do the things that allow you to grow as a person.
It is important that you understand the difference between the things that make you grow and the things that do the opposit.
By suffering you are actually putting a strangle hold on negative patterns and giving credence to intelligent patterns.
If you can work towards ceasing all the things that are a road block to ultimate accomplishment and fulfillment, then all you are left with is a clear path.
Understand clearly the long term results of each of your actions, and know that each thing has an effect on you long-term.
Short term suffering is a minor setback to everything you could possibly want and much more! It is known that a big reason for our inability to follow through on big goals and rather huge things is due to the crutch of our selfishness.
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