Christmas Programs for Pre-k Through Kindergarten

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    Christmas Carol Program

    • A program filled with Christmas songs would work well for this age group. Some kids can learn an entire song at this age, but most will have trouble if it is long and has large words in it like many of the Christmas songs do. For this reason take songs for this season and give each child just a verse to learn and let them sing just that small part. If the class is big enough, do this in pairs so they do not have to do a solo performance. All the songs can be preformed with each child singing their own little part of each song. The kids will enjoy giving the performance without the worries of messing up a song. They have just a few words in each one to remember.

    Christmas Play

    • The kids can perform a small Christmas play for a holiday program. The older children can be given the majority of the talking parts, with the younger ones having just a few words to say. One way to devise a play for this age is to have each child place a gift box under a "world tree". The gifts can be peace, love, a stop to world hunger and all the other good things wished for the world. The lines can be simple such as "I give the gift of food to the world tree so no one will have to go hungry ever again". The younger kids can have easier speaking parts such as, "I give love for the whole world". This type of play will include all the children while keeping in mind their preforming abilities.

    Christmas Pageant

    • The kids can dress in a costume that say something about Christmas. They can be a snowflake, an elf, Santa, a reindeer or any other Christmas figure. They can each say a few words about why they like Christmas. At the end of their program they can sing an easy song like Jingle Bells all together. Asking the kids to say a few of their own words about their costume is an easy thing for them to do. It does not need to be practiced, just spontaneous. The audience will find this entertaining and maybe even comical at times.

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