Beckham by Demand

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Having played 11 games for Galaxy this season, Becks tried to give it all he's got in the final match against Real Salt Lake, in spite of an ankle injury that had him wincing in pain.
But this may just cost him a shot at surpassing England's international appearances record of 125 caps currently held by goalkeeper Peter Shilton.
With 115 international appearances for England, Beckham holds the number one place among England's outfield players.
Though he's keen on beating Shilton's record, Beckham stood by his team Galaxy by refusing to play for England's national team in a friendly match against Brazil.
The Los Angeles Galaxy were to face the Houston Dynamo, and then, Real Salt Lake for the Major League Soccer title, if it managed to defeat Houston.
Guess Becks has got his priorities right by giving Galaxy's championship match more importance than England's friendly, which means little since it has already qualified for the 2010 World Cup at South Africa.
Since Becks moved to the United States, he's been hoping to play a title match for his team and he got his chance, even though Galaxy lost to Real Salt Lake.
Beckham, who is known to wear and prefer the soccer shirt number 23, has to make sure that he now plays limited matches until the World Cup in order to get a chance to surpass Shilton.
But this would also depend on England reaching the semifinals of the World Cup.
Only then would Beckham be able to put his 124th international cap on, that's if he gets selected to play in the first place! Hypothetically speaking, Becks could equal Shilton's 125 caps in the final or the match for third place.
After the 2010 World Cup, it's highly unlikely that Beckham could play another World Cup.
For now, he needs as much rest as possible to heal his ankle bone.
He joins AC Milan (where he'll wear red and black stripes soccer uniforms) on loan next month where he'll have to fight for a place in the team.
And then, he plans to return to Galaxy next year.
There's no denying that Becks is a much loved idol across the world, be it England, Los Angeles, or Milan.
And the fact that he gave everything he had during the MLS final match in spite of injury and illness has only won him more admiration.
As Real Salt Lake's captain puts it, "It must have been tough for him, but he's just a class act, top drawer.
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