How to Make BBQ Canvas Covers

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Measure your grill starting from the top, across and length-wise. Then measure the sides, front and back. Provide extra inches for seam allowance. Remember that the canvas cover need not be an exact fit. By keeping it little loose fitting, it will be easier to slip on and off.

Transfer your measurement onto a piece of paper and label each side carefully.

Using pattern paper, trace the shape of your barbecue grill. You can also use cheese cloth as patter so that you can easily mold it to the shape of your grill. Use pins or a tailor's chalk to mark the main points.

Adjust the size of the pattern by transferring the measurements that you took on step 1. Include the seam allowances.

Cut the pattern pieces using a sharp scissors. Cut the top, lower left side, lower right side, lower front and lower back part.

Hold the pieces together with pins, and then try putting the pattern on the grill to see if it fits. Make the necessary adjustments as needed.

Remove the pins, then transfer the cut pattern onto the canvas.

Cut the pieces on the canvas the same way you cut for the pattern mentioned in step 5. Make sure to use a big, sharp pair of scissors that can cut through the thick canvas.

Get a big needle that can fit into your sewing machine, preferably gauge #18 or #20.

Find a one-ounce cone of V-69 or V-92 Z-twist polyester fiber thread in which to put the pieces together. You cannot use plain thread as it is not strong enough to hold the pieces together. The fiber thread will provide added strength that can prevent from ripping apart.

Start sewing the top part, carefully following the shape and outline. Then set it aside. Proceed with sewing the front, back and both sides together, following a straight line. Then put the pieces together.

Start using the canvas cover by putting it on the grill from the opening at the bottom to slip from the top of the grill.
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