Vintage Rings: Classic Historical Rings That Will Last a Lifetime

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In the world of jewelry, vintage rings are recognized by many trendsetters and designers as those created during the period of 1930s to 1950s.
They consider vintage rings as distinct from estate and antique jewelries while in some quarters, vintage rings and antique rings are sometimes interchanged.
There are many different types of vintage rings including signet, wedding, engagement, modern, art deco, friendship or sentimental, art nouveau, arts and crafts, eternity and cocktail rings.
This period is the time when filigree rings and rose gold retro rings were quite popular.
Vintage rings are set in a variety of styles.
They are hand engraved and sculpted in a wide diversity of designs.
When choosing your authentic vintage rings, you are facing a huge and challenging task.
Each jewelry piece has a story to tell depending on the time era from where it came from.
Your face will be flushed with excitement as you take a look at the huge selection of vintage items.
You know that each authentic vintage ring is unique and truly a standout with its intricate designs.
They are made from gold, silver and platinum and studded with glittering diamonds and gemstones.
Look for quality rings with certificate of authenticity as vintage from reputable antique jewelry stores.
These kinds of rings can be passed on as family heirloom to succeeding generations.
If you want to be sure that you are buying genuine vintage stuff, go to the internet and shop around.
There you will have access to a huge selection of rings with a variety of shapes, stones, colors, weight, style and design.
Take your pick from white gold with European cut diamonds, emeralds, sapphire and platinum with topaz and other precious gemstones.
You will find signet rings made with engraved intaglio and graded hand carvings having unique type of surface.
If your choice is the Victorian style wedding ring, you will find love messages engraved inside.
Vintage engagement rings are usually studded with only one large diamond ring and you will be stunned with its sculptured designs.
If you are fond of sentimental or friendship rings, they are mostly designed with symbols such as a horseshoe.
Tradition and custom reveal that when the couple has their first child, the bride is gifted with a vintage eternity ring.
Cocktail rings circa 1940 are party rings with either a big diamond or lots of small diamonds.
There is a vintage diamond pearl insect bug designed ring circa 1940 which has 9 carat gold and 13 diamond stones set on the legs with a head of pearl and spinel body that is being sold exclusively over a well known website.
Whatever type of vintage ring you choose, be sure that you have properly understood the warranties if you are purchasing online.
If it is transacted with a reputable antique jewelry store, be definite that you are provided with a certified vintage paper and you understand their return/refund policy.
Look for an item that will not entail a major resizing or repair.
If you discover an original art nouveau ring, art deco or arts and craft rings, negotiate well and open up with your proposed price.
Most online sellers give out huge discounts with other bonuses.
All you have to do in the meantime is continue immersing yourself with knowledge about the historical facts and any information you can get hold of about vintage rings so that you will increase your chances of not being conned with vintage look cheap items.
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