Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

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    Digital Picture Frame

    • For grandparents of younger children, a digital picture frame gives them a gift that will provide a large amount of enjoyment. Fill a memory card with pictures of the grandkids and include music to make the gift even more special. Include blank memory cards with the frame for grandma and grandpa to fill with any photos they choose. For grandparents who have not entered the digital age with photography, include a digital camera with the digital photo frame.

    Grocery List Organizer

    • An electronic grocery organizer allows your grandparents to record a voice list of items that the device will print out when it is time to go shopping. Grandma and grandpa can attach the device right to the refrigerator for easy access all week. This is one high-tech gadget your grandparents will appreciate and use.

    Surf and Turf

    • Splurge and send your grandparents a lobster and steak dinner with all the trimmings. This is a perfect gift when you live far away from your grandparents. Beef delivery companies put together a package with quality cuts of meat and lobster tails for grandma and grandpa to enjoy on a special occasion. This is a good choice for an anniversary gift, Christmas or birthday. While you may not be able to take your grandparents out for a special dinner, you can see that they have something special.

    Date of Birth Newspapers

    • A date of birth newspaper is an actual paper with headlines from the day your grandmother or grandfather were born. You can select any date that you want for the paper such as the anniversary of your grandparent's wedding. Choose a date that is meaningful to your grandparents.

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