EVO Dog Food - A Grain-Free Alternative For Weight Management

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Quality ingredients in dog food is what sets apart a premium brand from the commercial brands you will find in any grocery store aisle.
One brand that exceeds either category of products is called EVO dog food.
It is a product that is one of the most nutrient-dense on the market.
It is much more digestible, has a higher amount of protein, and therefore less is needed to satisfy the daily caloric needs of your canine.
EVO dog food products was founded with the belief that the gap between wild and domestic dietary needs in canines needed to be bridged.
The belief is that even though today's domesticated dogs have been far removed from their ancestors in the wild, the dietary requirements remain much the same.
EVO dog foods are on of the few that has realized that canines are carnivores.
They have also realized that most modern foods rely on grains, which is against their nature and a cheap form of energy.
The basis of EVO is a grain-free, low carb diet.
They have removed all grain from the diet, which minimizes the starch and carbohydrate intake and maximizes the concentration of proteins.
They use higher levels of protein from high quality meat sources.
In fact, they have the highest meat content of any dry pet food on the market.
Consuming a high protein diet increases circulating levels of amino acids and provides additional energy reserves.
It also enhances immune system function, as well as provides more accelerated recovery from illness.
A lot of commercial products rely heavily on vegetable protein, but EVO dog foods do not.
They use top of the line meat protein that is very digestible and provides maximum nutrient absorption.
Top quality meats such as chicken and turkey are used and provide vital nutrients like amino acids and calcium.
To further insure the wellness of your pet, all EVO pet food is made with human edible ingredients and under USDA approved conditions.
EVO is an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to a raw food diet.
It is a convenient option that is perfect for overweight, performance or working, and dogs with an illness.
This product is available in most premium pet food stores or available online.
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