Studying at an Art School: Game Design

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Avid gamers often dream of holding a career in game design. It is a lucrative field, allows a large amount of creativity and expression, and entitles game lovers to play their favorite games all day long. What many don't realize is that game design consists of many complex elements that enthusiastic gamers often overlook. Game design can be a fun and exciting career for those with creative writing, drawing, and thinking abilities, but there are some aspects to take into consideration before taking the leap into this career field.

Decide whether or not you enjoy writing, and lots of it. One of the main elements of game design is creating character sketch ups and scripts that will flesh out the story behind the game. Gamers enjoy games when characters are believable, and vivid story line creation is crucial. In addition to the creation of enthralling characters and stories, the technicalities of the game itself must be worked out in the mind of the game designer and then transferred onto paper by means of sketching, computer rendering, and writing. The final aspect of game design is creating the finished product, which requires some programming and graphics design skills. In addition, pamphlets, packaging, and visual aids that accompany the game must be thoughtfully illustrated and contain engaging content. Game designers often collaborate with a team, where the main idea behind the game's concept is developed by a lead designer. This lead designer then compartmentalizes tasks to be distributed to other team members, such as the illustration and 3D rendering of the game.

Game designer hopefuls can turn their game designs into reality by enrolling in an accredited design school program. Most employers seek game designers with a strong educational background, preferably with a bachelor's degree in graphics design or game design. Areas of study that make up game design curriculum are graphic design, writing, marketing, sketching, and basic design classes. For those who enjoy the aesthetics as well as the technical aspects of video games, game design is a highly profitable career. The field is competitive, but those who possess impeccable artistic and creative talents will rise to success.

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