About Gingivitis and Cavity

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Gingivitis and dental cavity are caused by bacteria buildup in the mouth. Gingivitis is the infection of the gums, while dental cavity is the infection of the teeth. Often, bad cases of cavity develop into gingivitis. Both are serious dental issues that can lead to severe periodontal diseases and permanent tooth loss.

As a person chews food, there are bits and pieces that stick to the surface of and between teeth. The bacteria in the mouth produce enzymes that decompose the molecular structure of these organic materials. This reaction generates harmful acids that attack the tooth enamel and cause cavities.

Sometimes, the acids are not powerful enough to degrade the tooth. Instead, they accumulate on the surface and form plaque—a thin, yellowish film that coats the dental structure and makes it appear dark. Hardened plaque is called tartar or dental calculus. Dentists in big cities like Collierville explain that plaque and tartar allow bacteria to infiltrate the gums.

Bacteria from the teeth travel to the gums through the sulcus, which is the crevice between the gingiva and the visible part of the tooth. Because the gums are too soft, they are vulnerable to bacterial infections. This is how gingivitis develops. Any dentist in Collierville will claim that this condition only has a few obvious symptoms.

These symptoms include bleeding, reddening, and partial recession of the gums. Since these symptoms are not irritating, people usually neglect them. However, dentists collierville recommend immediate treatment to prevent the condition from turning into serious periodontal disease. If not caught in time, the gums will not be strong enough to support the teeth. Without a steady base, the teeth will loosen and fall off. Permanent tooth loss is hard to deal with because there is no way to treat it other than with artificial replacements.

Both gingivitis and dental cavity are mainly caused by poor oral hygiene. If brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash are practiced regularly, it is easier to keep the teeth clean all the time. In addition, dentists in Collierville and other areas suggest minimizing the ingestion of sweets and improving diet to maintain healthy gums.
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