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Natural gas appliances have become the consumers choice for their ease of use, and because they uses less energy and heat up faster. In addition, some gas companies offer customers a rebate when they reactivate an existing gas line as well as for people who purchase gas appliances. These customers can save hundreds of dollars on utility bills because gas appliances cost much less to operate than electric appliances. There are however a few steps to take to get your new gas appliance running.

Gas appliances are different from electric appliances because you cannot plug them in and expect them to work. Besides being plugged in, they also have to be hooked up to a gas line that is run to your home or business. This can only be done by the local utility or gas company, especially if there are no lines already existing. The checklist below will assist you in doing what must be done before the gas or utility company comes out.

Find out if you already have a gas line.
The first thing you should do before calling the gas company is to find out if you have gas lines already run into your location. This knowledge will save a lot of effort as well as time as there are some people who do not know if there are gas lines in there home or business. The person you bought or rented your home or business from should have let you know this, but if they did not or you do not remember, call 1-800-993-7546 and choose option 5 to get this information.

Find out if you close to a gas line.
If you find that there is no gas line inside your location, next you will want to find out where the closest gas service is to your location. Again, this information can be found by calling 1-800-993-7546 and again, choose option 5. If a gas main is close to your home or business the gas company can set your service up free of charge. But, if there is no gas main close to your location, there will be a charge to have gas service run to your location. If there is a charge, it will be offset by the saving you will see on your future bills. Once you find that you are eligible for gas service, make an appointment with the gas company for them to come out to either run the lines from the main to your location or simply hook the lines into your appliances and turn on the gas. For this to take place, you must be home as the installer will have to come into your home or business.

Once the installation is finished, the professional gas contractor will connect your gas appliances such as a stove, furnace or hot water heater to the gas lines. It is highly recommended that you let the professional handle the hookups to ensure they are properly connected. You should be warned that improper connections will cause dangerous gas leaks that can result in fires, serious injury and death.

When you change from electric to gas you save both the environment and your pocketbook. This is because natural gas appliances tend to last longer, perform better and run efficiently. You will be able to live a better live and save money too so make the switch to natural gas today.
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