Network Marketing - Why Most People Aren"t Making Money

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A Typical Network Marketing Scenario The best way to explain why most people don't make money in network marketing is to paint a picture of a typical scenario.
Your experience may differ a little from this example.
But the principles are the same.
Let's use me as the first guinea pig.
Imagine for a moment that I am very faithful in my network marketing business.
I follow everything to the letter that I was taught.
I am faithful to listen to prospecting CDs and follow through on what I learn.
I buy leads and am diligent to call each prospect.
I strive to meet new people every day and follow up with them to determine their interest.
I am doing everything right.
Let's say I meet Sally in the grocery store and strike up a conversation.
I discover - much to my delight - that Sally is in a place in her life where she is very interested in starting her own business.
She seems to have some interest in talking to me further so we set up an appointment.
I have to talk to a lot of people to find someone as well qualified as Sally.
I want to hold on to her.
So I meet with Sally in a public place - where I do all my business - and show her my great opportunity.
I give her an informative and graphically impressive video.
I schedule a time when we can get on the phone with my very experienced sponsor who further describes the advantages of our unique business.
Everything seems to be going well.
I continue to sell Sally on all the advantages of my opportunity and ask her to put together a list of everyone she can think of.
It is time to get Sally going.
A Typical Scenario Gone Bad I was right about one thing.
Sally is in a place where she wants to start her own business.
In fact she has been doing some research on how best to build that business.
She is looking for information on the internet when she finds...
I thought I was Sally's only option.
Bad assumption.
Sally finds a video on how to locate customers for any business.
She likes what she sees in your video and follows a link to other material you have created to help her build her business.
She finds even more helpful information on how she can become successful in whatever she chooses to do.
Sally receives so much benefit from the information she has received that she gives you her email address so you can send her more helpful information.
She begins to see how building her own business is really doable.
Sally hasn't heard anything from you on how great your opportunity is.
Or how unique it is.
In fact she doesn't even know what you do.
The information she has received is not about you at all.
It is about how she can be successful even without you.
What she does know is that you are someone she is beginning to trust as an advisor as well as an expert.
After all...
you have given her so much free information.
You have looked out for her interests.
She has almost forgotten about me - except that I keep leaving her phone messages.
But she does remember that everything I talked about was really about me and my opportunity.
I only seemed to care about her when it had reference to me.
When It Is Time To Do Business Whom Does She Trust? Whom is Sally going to trust? Me, with my continual sales pitch? Or you, the one who has provided free helpful information with no strings attached? Asking the question answers it.
Sally is very eager to learn more about what you do and how she can do it too.
So she sends you an email asking if she can talk to you about working with you.
Impossible? Not at all.
In fact this is how many businesses do business.
Experts share some of their expertise for free.
When it comes time for someone to act on the information they received, where do you think they turn? I worked very hard to find someone like Sally and lost her.
You have many just like Sally to choose from.
Which leads me to one final question...
Which scenario will you build?
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