Jesus Christ Takes What is So Very Ordinary and Transforms it Into the Extraordinary

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In the Gospel of John Jesus and His family are at a wedding in Cana, not very far from Nazareth and at Chapter 2 and verse 5, His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever He tells you.
" These are the last recorded words of Mary and here is a piece of sound advice from Mary.
Do whatever He tells you to do.
"Whatever he saith unto you do it.
" They had run out of wine at this wedding and Mary has a brief word with those serving knowing that Jesus has the ability to do something about the need that has arisen.
Mary realises that there is a problem and that Jesus can resolve problems, and she also knows that Jesus is concerned about the every day things of life that might trouble us.
Take time and make time to read and absorb the teaching within this passage.
Jesus always rewards obedience.
Do whatever He tells you, no matter how absurd it might be or appear.
Just do what is possible, so that Jesus can do what is humanly impossible.
Jesus tells the servants to fill six large water pots with water and that would be around 120 gallons altogether.
Fill them right to the brim.
Draw off some of the liquid.
Take it to the man in charge of the catering arrangements for the wedding.
The water has become wine.
Only the servants knew what had happened.
Jesus used His power for such an ordinary need.
When tempted to turn stones into bread to satisfy His own need, that he refused to do.
No, not for Himself, but water into wine on this one occasion He was prepared to do, when it was for others.
Jesus Christ loves to meet people's needs when they arise, and He blesses abundantly.
The quantity of wine is enormous and the quality is the best.
God just gives and gives.
He is so generous.
The world normally tries to serve the best wine first, and then when people have had a taste, they can put on poorer wine.
Provide and serve the best first and then the quality fades.
That is not the way our Jesus works.
The best is yet to be and it does not matter what age you are.
If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, the best is yet to be.
It does not matter what you have experienced, the best is yet to be, and what naturally can take months and years, Jesus can do in a few seconds.
He is Lord of time.
That is why revival can come at any time.
What Jesus does here stimulates faith.
The disciples believed on Him.
We see that there is more than one miracle here.
In fact when we study the passage in John Chapter 2, we learn many significant lessons.
Sandy Shaw
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