How to Make a Simple Gift Box

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      Lay the shoe box on top of a sheet of wrapping paper. Make sure that the pattern of the wrapping paper is even and not laying crooked. Fold the longest sides of the paper up and into the box, taping it securely on the inside. Once both of the longest sides are taped, fold in the end pieces and smooth them out. Trim off any excess wrapping paper so that it does not interfere with your ability to fold the paper into the box. Tape the end pieces to the inside of the box.

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      Fold and tape the lid in the same manner as the box, making sure that you trim off any excess wrapping paper. Fit the lid onto the box to make sure that it still fits securely. If your lid is too tight, untape the wrapping paper and trim off more of the wrapping paper so that the lid fits on the box.

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      Tape the end of the ribbon inside the box on the longest side, and stretch it around the box. Cut the ribbon to fit into the other side of the box, taping it securely inside. Repeat this step in a perpendicular fashion so that the ribbon crosses in the middle of the box.

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      Tape the ribbon to the lid in the same way that you taped the ribbon to the box. Line up the ribbons so that when you place the lid on the box, the ribbons will line up uniformly. Finish your box by placing a bow on the top of the lid.

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