Are You Prone to Panic?

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Patience, for some of us, is by far the hardest emotion to control. We know that it takes time to build a multilevel marketing business. We know that we can't expect results overnight.

Are you are constantly looking at your downline? Do you get upset if there is even one day when someone new isn't added? Do you expect to replace your income in six months or less?

If any of these statements pertain to you, you may be prone to panic. Maybe you have a fair amount of money invested in your business. Maybe you have been scraping by to keep your business active and you are wondering if it is worth it. Maybe you are just a worrier. Whatever the reason, panic won't make your business grow any faster. In fact, panic may actually sabotage the growth in your business.

There are generally two ways to build your multilevel marketing business. One is to do it yourself (even if you are using some lead system, autoresponders, or other business aid. The other is to enroll in a guaranteed program. Either way, building your business will take time. In the first example, it will take your time. In the second, it will take someone else's time. In either case it will take time.

How much time is directly proportional to your efforts. This is true in either case. Obviously in the first case, the growth of your business is almost totally tied to your efforts. Even if you are successful at recruiting, you are still the main driver of your business growth.

If you are using a guaranteed system, you still control the rate of growth. If the system has guaranteed you a certain level of income within a certain amount of time (and be sure you get that in writing), it is not reasonable to expect to reach that income level in half the time unless you are willing to put in some effort. The system will work for you, but only at the rate they guaranteed.

Guaranteed systems may not produce consistent growth for your business particularly at the beginning. However, there is no reason to panic. In fact, calling up the people running the system and questioning them only takes time away from their ability to call prospects on your behalf and slows down the growth, causing you more panic!

There is no substitute for your time and effort. The only way to make your business grow faster is by putting in effort yourself. Otherwise, just continue to meet your obligations and let the guaranteed system work for you, knowing that it will take longer.

Patience is the ability to idle your motor when you feel like stripping your gears. Barbara Johnson (American best-selling writer)

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.Buddhist Proverb
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