Get a Man to Like You - Find Out What"s Attractive to Guys

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Do you know what's attractive to guys? Have you read "Why Men Marry Bitches" and "Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others".
If you have, then you know that playing nice doesn't work.
Your mom may have taught you to be a nice young lady and to focus on what a guy likes, but that may not be what it takes to get a man to like you these days.
Sure, you're mom may have been right, if you lived a hundred years ago.
Even if that were the case, you would still have had to sit and waste your life waiting for a guy to realize that you weren't exactly like all the girls you were acting like.
In today's world, you have to be willing to learn the new rules.
Otherwise, you may never find Mr.
It used to be easy to get a man to like you.
All you had to do was learn how to be a good housewife, a charming hostess, and a competent mother.
These days it's a different story.
You have to work on being the most attractive woman that you can be.
There's no such thing as "meant to be".
You have to be willing to learn the laws of attraction.
I used to be just like you, waiting for the right guy to stumble upon me, and I have to tell you that this laws of attraction thing really works better at finding the guy you are looking for.
You also have to learn how the male mind works.
You need to find out how they think and what they find attractive in a woman.
Guys don't speak girl language.
You have to learn to interpret what they're saying so that you'll know when they like you.
It's too easy to misinterpret what he's saying, and you don't want to create too much drama in a new relationship.
This is a sure fire way to lose him.
He will just move on to someone who does understand him.
This is what you have to do to get a guy to be into you: oChange the way you think oFigure out what he's thinking oDon't give up until you've got it figured out Don't just sit there feeling sorry for yourself if you don't like how your love life is going.
You have to do the work if you want change.
Being passive and nice is not going to get you the change you need to get a man to like you.
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