All You Need To Know About Zetia

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Zetia is a prescription drug that controls cholesterol and other steroids present in the body. The drug helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood that are absorbed from food. This medication is usually given to patients suffering from low cholesterol, high cholesterol or low fat along with a complete guide to exercise diet and weight control program. In addition, the drug also controls Campesterol and High Blood Sitosterol. Zetia is an oral drug that has to be taken as prescribed by the doctor. While high cholesterol is the main reason behind people suffering from attacks, low cholesterol makes people sick or weak. Reducing the amount of cholesterol in body leads to healthier lifestyle. You should buy Zetia from reputed online drug store only.

Zetia Dosage

Doctors give you the dosage according to your health condition and response to the treatment. Normally a dose of 10mg per day is sufficient but if your condition is quite bad, doctor will advise you to take more than 10mg of drug. The drug has to be taken orally through mouth and should not be injected by any means. You may take the drug before or after having food. You should wait at least four hours if you are taking any other cholesterol medication like Colestipol, Cholestyramine or Colesevelam. If you take Zetia with any of the above medications you are not expected to get desired results. You can also take the drug two hours before you are taking any other cholesterol control medication. Taking Zetia will not result in immediate health improvement. It will take a minimum of two weeks to lower cholesterol level in the body. However, if after some time you find your cholesterol level perfect you should still continue the drug as prescribed.

Medical Conditions in which Zetia should be avoided

You should not take this medicine if you are suffering from kidney disease, thyroid disorder or liver disease. Taking Zetia if you have any of the above situations will tend to worsen your condition. Taking this medicine while you are pregnant can have certain risks. You should take the medicine once in every 24 hours. If you forget to take it any day, just leave that dose and take the next one. You should make it a habit to follow your diet, nutrition and exercise plan. If you do not follow your health program the medicine will doesnt show any effect.

Side Effects of Zetia

Zetia can cause ill effects like weakness, muscle pain, fever, jaundice, headache, dizziness, depression, cold, cough, diarrhea, swelling on face or throat, stomach pain, nausea, pancreatitis, numbness, etc. There are no serious life threatening effects caused due to this medicine.

Buying Zetia

You can buy this drug online or from your local chemist. It will not cost you much. Nevertheless, be sure to take prescription copy from your doctor, as no pharmacist will give you the drug without going through your health details. If you want to buy Zetia from an online pharmacist, you can compare prices and find the best deal that suits you.
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