MLM - The Momentum Phase

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By MLM industry standards, the momentum phase is defined as the time when a company produces $50-$100 million dollars in annual sales.
This means that a company is doing about $5 million dollars in sales volume on a monthly basis.
If you have ever doubted the growth potential of the industry, STOP right there.
The growth statistics are absolutely staggering.
If you're looking at a business to invest in for the future, I would stick to where the growth is, NOT where the growth has been.
The network marketing industry is in a hyper-growth phase.
Many network marketing distributors will over use the momentum phase by saying that their fifteen year old company that is doing $50 million in sales each month is just starting its momentum phase.
This is not a true statement when you look at the overall networking industry averages and standards.
Full-time network marketers know that wealth can be amassed in a very short amount of time when action is taken during the momentum phase of a company.
In fact, many part-time network marketers find that they are able to go full-time with their company because they buckled up and worked hard during the hyper-growth phase.
The momentum phase is the most crucial phase of a company's time period for a couple of reasons: 1.
It means that they are a solid company that survived the period in which about 90% of other networking companies don't survive.
It is the best time for a distributor to increase his/her business.
Once this phase passes for a company there can still be steady growth, but it is much easier to do in the hyper-growth phase of momentum.
It's very hard for a company to start a second momentum phase unless a company opens up a new division and/or new product lines.
If you find an MLM company in momentum with a solid compensation plan and product line, work hard and you can ride the wave to success with that company.
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