3 Ways To Increase Your Ecommerce Company"s Conversion

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You know that, in the world of eCommerce companies, conversion is king. All that site traffic doesn't mean a thing until your visitors become customers. If your fail to make the distinction, you end up paying for all those eCommerce solutions and no profit to show for it. Here are three strategies you can put into your eCommerce website design to make sure those visitors start buying.

Offer Your Best Deals Immediately

Landing pages are always a good idea in eCommerce; website design - the effective kind, at least - isn't complete without it. As much as it's a good opportunity for you to show off your company, it's an even better chance to display your best wares. Do you have special bargains or clearance items to sell? Put them - and your best foot - forward right away.

Don't stop with just some text or a description though. Give your visitors the full treatment with an appealing image and by explicitly mentioning how much they can save.

How Much Do They Save?

In the same vein, don't be satisfied with just publishing your selling price for any given item; that's exactly what the competition's eCommerce solution package is doing too. Go one step further and show them the competition's retail price and how much higher that is than your price tag.

Customers are always out for a bargain, which is why price comparison sites are so popular. By giving the competition's price right away, your visitors are less likely to navigate away to another comparison site and likelier to purchase the item immediately. Print the savings as large and prominently as possible so that your price advantage is emphasized.

Maybe You'd Like This, Too

Convenience isn't the only reason supermarkets place gum, cigarettes and little knickknacks by the checkout counters. Marketers have found that that sales for those items increase drastically when they're placed within reach of customers as they're about to pay. Fortunately, this little stratagem works for eCommerce companies as well.

All you'd need to do is modify your eCommerce website design such that your customers will see additional suggested items that they might want to buy. Accessories and other complementary items to the ones the customer has in the cart will have the greatest success rate, but cheap little gewgaws work fairly well too.

The customer will be thinking that, since he or she will already be spending to buy something, he or she may as well buy that extra item. In the end, it works out both ways: the customer gets to save on shipping while you get the added profit from the extra items bought.

It's a good idea to get shopping cart software that can automatically create those item suggestions based on the cart's current contents. Some other eCommerce solutions could also package the two separately. Whichever one you end up getting, make sure that the two are compatible with each other.

Selling more and improving your conversion rates doesn't necessarily need more ads or SEO for your eCommerce company. Sometimes it's more about advertising the right items at the right places or times.
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