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Thanks to the creation of the Internet which led to the development of search engines, information is easily accessible today.
There is absolutely no other quick way to access information that through search tools.
Some thirty to forty years ago, information is a scarce commodity, a vital weapon which has very limited sources.
In the 1960's until about halfway of the 1980's; people, books, communication media and a few others were the only information carriers.
But during the transition to the 90's era, information - that is knowledge per se, has been widely accessible through the internet.
The increase search engine ranking has made information just a type away.
Because of this, search engines dominated the World Wide Web access.
You must pop up a search tool to draw access to any information on the net.
It is the quickest way to access data, news, music, figures or whatever that we might need.
And this has been very beneficial to all.
The students depend on the search engines to provide instant reports and fill-ins for homework and projects.
The professionals and the entirety of the business sector also rely on search engines to provide necessary research.
The spread of in demand all over the globe can be attributed to the increase ranking.
This positive development however comes with a number of setbacks.
Concerns and issues have been reported in the in the long run effect, misuse and abuse of these tools.
Proving that using such tool of information involves a learning curve.
China resolved to put up a ceiling on what information can be accessed through search engines within its territory - a major move that can only be the result of the Chinese government's adherence to national security.
Unique limits to information were placed.
Most search tool returns are blocked web pages and controlled sites.
It is believed to counter cyber attacks, espionage, and theft and moreover threat to national security, though this effort was scrutinized as abnormally strange.
What majority believes is that freedom to information is proportional to economic development.
However, the access to a surge of information hints that there might be false truths within the bulk.
This was a major concern with increase search engine rankings, where you get even what you should not.
Expect too many returns when searching for a keyword.
Search results will provide you even with what you do not need.
And due to the mass of information, you are caught between what to believe and what not to.
The integrity of search returns has always been questioned.
But even though there are concerns with the increase search engine ranking, there is no doubt that this tool of information has been a positive product of the information age.
It is an accepted truth that there will be pros and cons in every single development.
There would be advantages as disadvantages.
All that we should do is to make the most of it.
And by that means to responsibly use it to serve what is good which has been the main idea of its creation in the first place.
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