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Is CashCrate a scam? This question can only be answered by you.
If you have been led to believe that you are going to make a living by taking the articles that CashCrate will pay you for, then you have been scammed.
No survey site could afford to pay you enough to live on just by participating in articles.
But this does not mean that the website is a scam, it just means that whatever you read, misled you.
Will CashCrate Scam you? Are you are wondering if you will be scammed out of money, or if CashCrate will neglect to pay you.
The short answer is no.
You will get paid in a timely fashion, and you will never lose any money.
CashCrate is a reputable business and you can make a decent amount of money there.
Just don't plan on getting rich with surveys.
You can also complete some offers to earn more money in less time.
This can be tricky because you may be required to sign up for a free trial in order to qualify.
If you do this, just remember to cancel your membership before you have to pay.
You could end up losing money this way.
So How Can I Make Big Money with CashCrate? You may have seen the videos on YouTube of people showing off their checks for hundreds or thousands of dollars.
These people make their money by referring other people to the program.
If you refer enough people, you can earn 30% of what they earn.
Why would you waste your time taking surveys when other people can take them for you? This is how you can make tons of money on CashCrate, and show off your checks.
The best part of their referral program is that you make money off of anyone your referral refers.
Are you starting to understand the game? If you really like taking surveys, by all means use CashCrate to get paid for them.
You can take two surveys per day and they will pay you around $.
80 per survey.
You can earn some decent pocket change for the end of the month, but definitely not enough to live off of.
If you want that kind of money, think about promoting the CashCrate referral program.
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