Rocky Horror Costume - Dress Up and Go to the Show

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Although it made its motion picture debut in 1975, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still playing in theaters across the country today.
It's primarily offered during the weekends as a midnight movie, with a cult following of supporters who dress up as the characters and act out the scenes along with the film.
The Rocky Horror Picture Show was made in 1975 as a combination of a comedy, horror movie, and rock opera.
Described as a parody of B-movie science fiction and horror movies, the story was adapted as a screenplay from a musical stage production titled The Rocky Horror Show.
There are four main characters that many moviegoers portray in costume.
These costumes are perfect for attending a show and playing along with the film, or for any Halloween or costume party! Columbia Costume - Dress up as the red-headed groupie tap dancer Columbia.
The Columbia costume features a sequin tube top with a gold sequin tail coat.
It also includes black and white striped shorts with a red sequin bow tie and black top hat.
Add your own red wig and black heels, and you're all set.
Riff Raff Costume - Do the Time Warp as Riff Raff.
He dwells in Transylvania and is Frank-n-Furter's minion and Magenta's brother.
The Riff Raff costume should include a black tail coat with black pants and a white shirt.
It also gives a realistic look with his finger-less black gloves and white spats.
Add your own long blonde wig and you'll fit right in.
Frank-n-Furter Costume - Frank is a main character in the film, portraying a flamboyant and devious scientist.
Only the brave should attempt to successfully adorn his costume, as it includes small black briefs with attached black garters.
Add in black arm mitts and fishnet stockings, and a black vest, and you'll be dressed for the show.
Magenta Costume - Magenta is a domestic helper in Transylvania, and is another one of Frank's servants.
Her costume should include a black maid dress with a white apron and white headpiece.
Supplement that with a big curly red wig, fishnet tights and a feather duster and you're ready for midnight movie madness.
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