Why DJ is important for your wedding?

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Wedding is an event that happens once in your life time and it is the time when you tie a knot with your dream partner. You want to do best in your wedding and start preparing for everything many months before the scheduled day. You have to run here and there to arrange everything for your wedding. Music is an important part of any event and you also want to entertain the people who will come to attend your wedding. You feel confused in selecting a live band or a DJ for your wedding. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Most people prefer to choose a DJ for wedding as it is economical and manageable.

A DJ is a person who not only plays music in your wedding but also performs other important functions at your wedding such as introducing important people, making announcements and playing right song for various events. Thus, a DJ can be helpful in making your wedding a successful event. A DJ is a person who gives a welcome note for your guests when they arrive to attend your wedding and he may also be responsible for giving them a farewell message when they leave. Thus, on your behalf he welcomes your guests and thanks them for their appearance in your wedding. Your guests will happy and contented when they are welcomed on your behalf in a musical tone.

If you have not hired a separate co-coordinator to make special announcements, then certainly your DJ will perform this function. He may make special announcements like when the bride and groom enters the hall, when the wedding cake is to be cut, when they will come on dance floor etc. He arranges various traditional songs in an order in a CD to avoid any confusion. Everybody comes to know what is going to happen next when an announcement is made before the event. It adds thrill and joy to your wedding when everything happens in an order and according to your wish. Thus, it saves your money and he co-ordinates all events properly if he is trained enough to do all this.

A DJ will introduce important persons such as parents of bride and groom to the guests and other important people in the party. It is your responsibility to provide him the correct names of all persons few days before your wedding so that he may learn all names properly and does not make any mistake in pronunciation at wedding.

A good wedding DJ accepts the requests of your clients and satisfies them. He does everything possible to make your guests happy. He keeps your guests busy in dancing on the floor and creating joy and happiness. He creates an environment filled with entertainment and music.
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