Half Wall Ideas With Wood

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    • Covering the lower half of the wall is an practice dating back to 1600s in England, if not before. The purpose was to hide water damage to the walls, since house construction had not progressed to the point where a dry interior could be guaranteed (or mostly) as it is today. Since present-day builders made mastered the art of building houses that keep out the water and the rain, wood-covered half walls have become decorative. You can add style to your home by taking advantage of half wall ideas with wood. The effect will add warmth, and a nod to history.


    • According to Brownstoner, beadboard "began as the Victorian equivalent of Formica, a millwork sheathing used only for rustic retreats, and for kitchens, back halls and other rooms hidden from public view". Beadboard was made from scrap lumber and is characterized by a ridge and a tongue so that the individual panels fit together tightly. You can buy beadboard at your local building supply store. If you like the look of beadboard without the expense, you can buy panels with a veneer of beadboard on plywood. Beadboard is good for a wood-covered half wall.

    Barn Boards

    • Barn boards are another idea for wood-covered half walls. Barn boards give any room a warm, rustic look as well as a sense of style. You can buy these at your local building supply store or from companies that sell reclaimed lumber from old barns slated for demolition. You can install them vertically or horizontally.

    Flat Panels

    • Flat panels are a good choice for woodhalf walls because they are easy to install while still giving the room plenty of style. These are available at the building supply store. You can also buy flat panel kits which are even faster to install, for they are simplified, rather like putting together large puzzles.

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