Books On Self Help - What is Self Help?

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Self help refers to an improvement in an individual or group that is brought about by the individual's or group's own efforts. This improvement can be emotional, intellectual or economical. However, generally self help is used to bring about an improvement on a spiritual or psychological level.

Several writings and works of literature have emulated the concept of self help in the past. In fact, the stoic and the Islamic scholars advised others in a manner, so as to help people help themselves. There have also been several illustrations on self help in modern literature.

Self Help Mediums : There are various mediums that can provide self help to an individual. It also involves a certain amount of motivation and inspiration that the group or the individual needs in order to improve. The basis for any sort of self -help lies in knowledge gained through experience, self dependence, and self identity. Besides this, a certain amount of emotional support and a sense of belonging also encourage the need for self improvement in oneself.

There are several groups that one could choose to be a part of in case one needs any sort of encouragement. Some of these groups also help us learn about the various techniques that can be used for self help.

Some of the primary groups include family, friends, peers and other groups that include significant others. Apart from this, techniques for this can also be picked up from secondary self help groups or self -help books. While self -help books can be quite inspiring, they can also be a little too intimidating. In such cases, these groups have proven to be better alternatives. Secondary self help groups generally involve the participation of a number of individuals trying to deal with a similar issue.

Self Help Movement : There have been several experiments conducted to formulate new and better self -help techniques. In fact according to some psychologists, simple techniques like positive thinking can help in a great way to improve oneself. With the increase in number of techniques and several counselors, the concept of self -help has gained immense popularity. In the US alone, thousands of people visit counselors to learn self -help techniques to improve their performance. Besides this, there has also been an upsurge in the number of self help books that are published each year.

The immense popularity that the concept gained in a few years, led to the start of the Self -Help movement. However, the concept of self -help has been criticized by several scholars. According to critics, self -help and self help techniques encourage self improvement only in individuals. As a result of which the individuals tend to focus only on individualistic goals and ignore other's problems or issues.

Despite this, the self -help movement gained immense popularity both in the United States and around the world. In fact, even today, the movement is still going strong and helps several individuals accomplish goals and thus, develop into competent individuals.

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