What are the Benefits of Alumni Association Membership

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There are lots of alumni associations throughout the USA. Such an organization is generally formed by the alumni of the same college and supported by its members' funding. College and university graduates join alumni associations for different purposes. Certainly membership in an alumni association has its advantages.

It is not only that you keep communicating with college friends and stay in touch with your group mates – being a member of an alumni association of your college will bring you some other benefits as well.

1.Most alumni organizations have their magazines which are shared among the members of alumni communities for free.

2.Their children and grandchildren may have the opportunity to gain special scholarship.

3.The alumni have discounts for everything connected with the community programs and some other benefits of this kind such as discounted online shopping at certain internet sites and buying tickets to some theme park cheaper. Sometimes these discounts can be quite impressive.

4.Many alumni associations have parking spots, theatres, tourist bases, libraries and other activities like these of their own which may vary the everyday life of their members.

5.Some alumni associations may also allow their members to use the services of certain banks and companies like certain shop networks on more beneficial conditions than usual.

The benefits one can access if he/she participates in the alumni community are not certainly confined to the above mentioned. These are the most common advantages and benefits one can access by taking an active part in the life of an alumni community of his/her alma mater – lots of advantages and only one little disadvantage – every member is to pay the membership due. But this is inevitable – if you want to have all these profits you will have to pay for them.
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