Perfect Partner - Is He Really the One?

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Are you looking for the perfect partner to share your life with? Have you had it with losers and players who just waste your time and you want the perfect partner who will really make you happy? Do you even know what your perfect partner should be like, act like or look like? Many women have an unrealistic notion of that elusive Prince Charming; the perfect man who looks just as we desire and who treats us like the perfect princess.
The sad fact is that few men out there, if any, can fit that bill.
So how do you find your perfect partner? Read on to see not only how you can find him, but how to recognize him once you do.
What's Important The perfect partner doesn't mean the man who is picture perfect.
Surprising, but many women still believe that the good looking guy is her best bet.
Although he may have all the physical qualities you want and may be very pleasing to the eye, that really isn't indicative of the type of partner he'll make you.
Before you jump to irrational conclusions and prepare to wed this man who thrills you but whom you barely know, stretch out the dating process and really find out who he is.
That Little Something In addition to that initial thrill, that desire to get up close and personal to a guy, you need to have that simple yet important comfort factor.
When we meet the man who is truly meant to be our life partner, something about simply being with him feels right.
Beyond the passion and sexual tension, this is something that hits you as you have a quiet drive home with him or walk hand in hand without talking about anything in particular.
That easy flow doesn't come around often, but when it does, make sure you take note of it.
You'd perhaps put this guy far on your list because he doesn't quite look like your idea of a Prince Charming, but he may truly be the one meant for you.
That sense of comfort is a pretty strong sensation and one that few women recognize.
Same Life Plan You'll hear people claim that opposites attract and others who are so proud to say they have so much in common; so which is the better pairing? Actually it's a blend of both.
While you can have opposing personalities - he's quiet and reserved where you're outspoken and loud, and you're lousy with budgets while he's a genius with numbers and money - there has to be something about your lifestyles and values that brings you together, now and in the future.
When one has visions of traveling the world while the other is a hermit, or one loves the party life and the other enjoys quiet promenades in the country, there's little chance of success.
The partner you seek should be on a similar life path as you are.
Finding your perfect partner is not something that you can take care of in one night.
Give yourself an honest chance to get to know the man you're going to be spending the rest of your life with.
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