How to Play Facebook's Roller Coaster Kingdom

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    • 1). If you have a friend with a Roller Coaster Kingdom (RCK) account, you can click on "Click to decorate your own park!" on any of their RCK related posts. If not, click on this link (you must sign in to your Facebook account first):

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      A new park

      Your park's mascot, Wally (who wants to go to WallyWorld?!), will give you a brief rundown of what to do next. Basically RCK starts you off with $14,750, but forces you to use half of it to immediately buy your first roller coaster. You can choose between 3, but they all have the same excitement level and number of passengers.

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      Level 10 park

      Once you've gone through Wally's tutorial, you are on your way to making it your own! Keep in mind that your park will be very small in the beginning, so plan accordingly when buying a stand or a ride. Once you are able to expand, take advantage of the new space and place more shops and rides down. In my opinion, it's best to keep the more popular rides and shops toward the front, just incase your guests don't make it to the back of your park.

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      Earn $$ while you're away

      Your park will continue earning you money when you are not logged into it. However, you can only earn experience points (XP) while you are in the game. You need these XP's to level up and get a bigger park, better rides, and better quality food & drink stands. In order to get new guests, you'll need to book some tours. Do this by using the "tour catalog" function. Keep in mind it'll take the listed amount of time before you have any visitors, so check back often and book more tours!

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