9 Newbie Proof Article Marketing Tips

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All right so you have decided to give Article Marketing a bash, but you
are still unsure what you should do.The how and the what are still huge
concerns for you at this stage.

With these 9 Tips/Secrets you can master the art of article marketing.
This will end up benefiting your business in the long run. You just have to
learn the basics and here they are.

Tip # 1 Relevance -
You have to make sure that whatever you are writing about is relevant. If you
know for sure you product will benefit and make an impact on others then research it,
then end with a link at the end of the article to your site. Before you upload your article
to the site check that your article topic falls within theirs on the site.

Tip # 2 Newsworthy -
Just as you read in the press and hear in the media, your article must be newsworthy.
This will allow you to stay in touch with the trends of the modernizing world. Sign
up with a site that gives you alerts and updates regarding certain topics.

Tip # 3 Sequel -
Some Article Marketers post 1 article and think thats it. Are you stupid?
Don't shoot yourself before you even start.When you post one article always have a sequel
in mind and mention it at the end of your article so your customers or readers
can look forward to hearing from you in future. Build a relationship.

Tip # 4 Viral -
Always make your article viral. Simply put it is allowing others to publish your article
as long as nothing is altered and you get full credit.

Tip # 5 Short -
Keep it short and simple, don't bore your readers give them just what they need and want.
More on finding out more topics in later articles.

Tip # 6 Increase Traffic -
How many Articles do you need to write before an increase in traffic?
It only takes 2 really well written Articles to give you a boost in traffic.
Try titles like "how to do something" and "x number of tips of something"
If you catch their interest they will most likely click on your link to your site.
Increased Traffic means more Money.
Tip # 7 - Cross-referencing -
You could stop at 2 Articles to promote your site. If you have more products you could
mention them in the resource box. Its known as cross referencing and a lot of webmasters allow
their contributors to do it.

Tip # 8 - Post to your site -
Post to Articles to your own site or combine 10 or more of your articles into an e-book to
hand out as a freebie. This will help with the Viral Marketing.

Tip # 9 RSS Feeds -
Make use of RSS Feeds there are 100's of them out there.

There are 2 ways to get your articles written.
1.) you could do it yourself and hope readers will enjoy your style.
2.) you could hire someone to do it for you at a fee. Some charge per word and others per

But Follow these easy to apply steps into your every week routine and soon you will have a few
or even a few 1000 more hits per day coming into your site and sales start climbing making you more
money and creating a huge smile on your dial
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