The Internet Is Relevant to Every Aspect of Small Business Including Service Providers

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Optimized Websites For Local Searches Congratulations! you're finally thinking about a web presence and ready to take that quantum leap, however, you're still wondering whether your local business really needs a website.
After all, everyone has heard about you already and knows where you're located, right? Wrong! For professionals who serve their local community, there is a common misunderstanding that if you have a "shop front" that the web will not benefit you.
For example, service providers such as doctors, plumbers, dog groomers etc, often think that since they only cater to their local residents and don't carry an inventory of name brand products that there is no reason to advertise their services over the World Wide Web.
Unfortunately, they are overlooking the potential of a business website in extending their business.
Take for instance a recycling center that is located in the zip code of 79932.
Residents that live well within driving range of this zip code may not realize that they are located close to a place where they can get cash for their aluminum cans.
Doing a simple Google search for the term 'recycling center' may come up with 10,000 listings of recycling centers, however, when the same search is done but with the zip code '79932' included, something interesting happens: a website listing for a recycling center in that same zip code and well within driving range shows up on the First Page of Google! Moreover, if that same website includes an image map of the location, potential customers can hop in their car with address and driving directions in hand, heading on their way to getting fast cash for their aluminum cans!..
All other recycling centers with no website in the same local radius gets passed up by potential customers.
People are unique,..
their searches are too...
Google searches are made by many different people for as many reasons as you can think.
Don't think that your zip code, city, state and phone number aren't searchable.
Google makes it possible for viewers to add location attributes with any possible queries involving industry to locate niche businesses easily; however, it's not possible without a good website featuring your business details.
Consider another case such as professionals in El Paso Texas specializing in emergency lock out service: A locksmith who has been practicing his expertise and is well-respected has served his local community for many years.
He rarely travels outside of his local service area to get someone back in their car.
Yet, if that locksmith does not have a website, any searches performed by new residents in the local area who are searching their mobile smartphone for "Quick Lock Out Service For Stranded Motorists" might not ever know that a practicing locksmith is within 5 minutes of their stranded vehicle.
Yellow Pages vs.
The Internet
Placing an ad in the Yellow Pages phone book has been a proven way to increase sales, however, more and more customers are passing up the Yellow Pages and relying on their smart phones, mobile screens and apps.
Finding almost anything you need anytime and anywhere turns any small business website into an extended online version of the yellow pages! Why allow potential customers to travel to the next county over.
If customers don't find you on the Internet, they have no choice to drive further than they need to for the competition.
Remember, online customers may simply be looking for your opening hours, news, events, in-store credit or available job positions.
A website that has been optimized for local searches is a great way to connect to others and network with others in your local service industry.
If your desire is to promote your business and advertise your products and services, a website will help you to create an online presence for your company and connect you to a larger audience with positive results.
"It's all about connecting with customers and building relationships.
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