Your Mattress Will Love Your Gorgeous Comforter

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Before you purchase your next comforter, whether it's to place on your latex foam mattress, tempur pedic mattress, futon mattress or any other type of full-sized bed, it is important to do a bit of homework first.
They are the most popular items on the market today when it comes to bed linen items.
You are going to add a completely new tone to a room by adding pattern, color and insulating warmth.
Measure your matress before you buy your comforter.
As you will find many of the popular matress manufacturers will cut corners by lumping together a mix of sizes such as Full/Queen or king size.
You will find that a better comforter is made specifically for each size bed and is marked with a finished size.
Compare these sizes with the measurements that you bring to the store.
Most comforters' today are generally filled with polyester batting.
The physical size of the comforter, as well as its insulating ability is determined by the "loft" of the filling.
The filling is secure inside the comforter and is evenly distributed by using quilting or stitching patterns.
As well, designer features such as fringes, welting, buttons, contrasting borders and ruffles will add a stunning look to the comforter, or futon cover you place on your matress.
You will find a lot of comforters on the market are made with contrasting fabrics on each side.
If you are after a winter or summer look all you have to do is reverse the comforter on your matress.
Your memory foam mattress will look dressy and finished.
Pay attention to thread count.
It refers to the number of threads per inch used to weave a fabric.
Of course, the more expensive fabrics have a higher thread count usually over 250.
All the cheaper ones have a lower thread count in the low-100's or low-200's.
The higher thread count comforter is more luxurious and softer to the touch and will often last longer.
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