Niche Empire Generator Review - Success or Failure

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Niche Empire Generator is a couple of months old now.
From the time it first emerged on 9 May till now, many marketers have been building WordPress blogs using this software to capitalize on marketing methods explained in Niche Marketing On Crack.
I am sure one burning question in the minds of many marketers would be whether the software is really worth its salt.
So sit tight and read on.
Promises of Niche Empire Generator This tool was developed to address 4 needs of every niche website builder.
They are to create, update, promote and manage a large number of blogs, specifically WordPress blogs.
And so, let us see how it delivers its promise.
Inside the main control panel of the Niche Empire Generator, there are a couple of things you can do.
They are to: 1.
Pick and set up a theme and activate some powerful plugins on your desired domain or subdomain.
This step takes a few clicks and in minutes, you have a SEO ready WordPress blog that also benefits from social bookmarking love.
Insert affiliate links and AdSense ads into your websites with a single click.
This feature is a lifesaver for those who find HTML challenging and somewhat hard to grasp.
Instantly auto-submit RSS feeds to the major directories.
This gets your sites visits by the search engine spiders almost instantaneously.
And not only so, the tool pings your website to major ping services around the globe automatically for greater exposure and traffic.
Auto-updates your blog with fresh and unique content.
All marketers know that this is a crucial step needed to grow traffic to your site.
Now, you can simply upload your tool with the content and set every posting on schedule.
This leaves you with time to create more new websites.
One-stop manages entire groups of WordPress blogs from one place.
This is where Niche Empire Generator outruns other website builder or content management system.
It even tells you how your sites are ranking in the search engines so that you can decide if you should be updating and promoting your blogs.
Where Niche Empire Generator is Incomplete This software does keep its promises of automating the creation, promotion, updating and managing.
However, it is not a complete intuitive solution for the niche marketer.
This means that we actually have to do some work as well.
So what are the inadequacies of Niche Empire Generator? 1.
Brainstorming for a profitable niche and keywords that have low competition but moderate demand.
This single step is the most critical among all the tasks needed but you would not be able to do it with the software.
In other words, crack your head over this on your own.
Prepare content needed for posting to the websites.
Even though the software package has a set of articles you can use immediately to build your blogs, you are encouraged to prepare your own content.
With hundreds of users posting the same crap onto their sites, it just would not get your websites top search engine rankings.
Promote the blogs with powerful website promotion techniques like social bookmarking, blog commenting, article submission and more.
Be prepared to do some promotion on your own.
While the Niche Empire Generator is not perfect, it does score exceptionally well in automating all the steps that you would otherwise have to do such as modifying your themes, arrange the affiliate links and AdSense ad blocks, submitting feeds, and so on.
On top of this, you get a ready one-stop control panel that gives you complete control over as many blogs as you wish.
Other than using this software, are there better alternatives out there? As a niche marketer, you do have two options which may not necessarily be better.
One is to slowly and painfully build the websites by yourself and lose income opportunities along the way.
The other is to pay a coder from freelance sites to create and update your sites for you.
This may get you a great income but a huge portion would be going to the coder or coders.
Marketers who understand this are building sites with Niche Empire Generator now.
Discover more about the power and functionality of Niche Empire Generator at my blog and see how it can boost your income significantly.
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