Are You Certain You Are Using the Best Natural Skin Care Cream There Is?

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Your skin is the largest living organ of your body and one that changes dynamically over the course of your lifetime.
It is imperative that you are using the best skin care cream there is available.
When it comes to skin creams and other skin care, a natural skin care cream, among other skin and body care products, is the best and smartest choice one can make.
Natural skin care products contain natural ingredients that are plant-based and are made with plant extracts and essential oils.
These are what make up the best natural skin care cream there is.
They are safer and milder than most brands out there.
Most companies make their products with harsh chemicals and synthetic substances because they are cheap and easily accessible.
Do not be fooled by a beauty product that is marked natural.
They often just contain just one or two natural ingredients and most of the time, there is not enough of the natural ingredient to work in any way.
Companies will mislead the public and put the minimum amount of a couple of natural ingredients, in skin care cream, just so they can claim their product is natural.
Most of the skincare contain high amounts of harmful chemicals such as parabens, mineral oil and fragrances.
Parabens are used as a preservative to keep a longer shelf life.
While keeping the bacteria away, preservatives themselves often act as contaminants and powerful skin allergens.
Parabens, known as esters of para-hydroxybenzoic, are rapidly absorbed and metabolized when rubbed on the skin.
They also accumulate in the human body.
This linked parabens to the proliferation of two estrogen-dependent human breast cancer cells.
There are so many adverse health effects to chemicals and synthetic substances in many of the skin care and beauty there that are on the market today.
Natural skin care creams and other natural skin care products are highly effective and safer for you.
They do not cause health problems nor do they interrupt any production of any kind in human body.
Here are a couple of natural ingredients to look for when shopping for natural skin care.
Active Manuka Honey: A special type of honey from New Zealand that contains unique enzymes with scientifically -proven healing properties for the face and body.
The Manuka Bush contains special proteins which only certain types of honey can be gathered from.
Scientists call them the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).
It amazingly makes you look younger and have softer skin by helping to restore and rejuvenate the your skin.
Cynergy TK: A form of natural keratin extracted from the wool of sheep.
It works by stimulating the body to produce more collagen and elastin, two proteins that are vital for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin.
Cynergy TK helps diminish wrinkles and also brings back the skin's moisture.
These are just two, among many more, that are highly effective and should be in your natural skincare cream.
If you are interested in becoming knowledgeable in the other natural ingredients, nature has to offer, visit my site today! You can also visit my site to learn about more dangerous ingredients that most of the brands contain.
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